Theetuin Eemnes

The Tea Garden and Teahouse are open throughout the year.

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Open Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We do not work with reservations but we like to think along with you so that you can come and enjoy with us.

You will be welcomed in the cozy tea house or in the beautiful garden. In Tea Garden Eemnes you can choose from different traditional pastry, lunches, high tea's (afternoon tea's), but also for drinks you are at the right address.

There is a spacious and attractive reception area in the greenhouse. You can also contact Theetuin Eemnes for fun activities that you will find on this website

Tea garden Eemnes is from November 2014 officially T.O.P. (Tourist Switch Point) location of the province of Utrecht.

In short The Tea Garden Eemnes is the ultimate stopping place for daytime recreation, partly due to the Tourist Switching Point.


The Tea Garden and the Teahouse.

Tea garden Eemnes is a family company where catering, daytime recreation and a beautiful garden with terrace is merged into a true paradise.
In our Tea House you can of course go for various drinks and snacks.
For example, you are at the right address for delicious pastries, lunches, high tea's and snacks.
Everything is prepared for you with great care and passion. So in good weather you can enjoy the best in a beautiful spot in the garden or of course in the Tea House. We are open all year round and that is why in the winter it is also wonderful to stay with Theetuin Eemnes.

The buffet of Theetuin Eemnes

At our buffet you can collect all your snacks and drinks. The advantage of this is that you can easily pick a nice spot yourself and change places whenever you want. You can take our cakes and drinks directly from the buffet. Depending on the number of guests, you will usually receive a disc for all other orders on which a light will flash and a beep will be heard when your order is ready to be collected by you in the Tea House. This system ensures that you do not have to wait to long until your order is ready at busy times while enjoying our garden.

Tea garden Eemnes Gift voucher

At Theetuin Eemnes you can also purchase a gift voucher for someone to give a High Tea (afternoon tea) or Lunch as a gift in our Tea Garden / Teahouse.

Everything around our Tea Garden and Teahouse.

Tea garden Eemnes is situated on the edge of the National Landscape Arkemheen Eemland.
In our Teahouse you can get walking routes to discover the National Landscape.

In the greenhouses next to our tea house you will find besides an attractive reception room, an information room about the national landscape Arkemheen Eemland / Natuurmonumenten and an extra space that is equipped with our old timers.

Free parking at Theetuin Eemnes

Tea garden Eemnes has sufficient private parking where you can park free of charge (free).

Tea garden Eemnes and National Landscape Arkemheen Eemland.

In the greenhouses next to the tea house we have an information room about Arkemheen Eemland. In addition to information through flyers and brochures, there is also an interactive landscape game to play with the entire family. This game is based on the still known "goose board". The intention is to have extra fun for young and old and to learn more about this landscape and its origins.

Next to Tea Garden Eemnes are the False groves.

This is an inaccessible forest full of ash trees where the herons nest and crawl around the mud crawls. In the past, this forest also served the people in hiding who were hiding in small huts during the war. Today this forest is in the management of Natuurmonumenten Eemland.

See you at Theetuin Eemnes